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Re: Is this a free license?

Thomas Bushnell, BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:

> Courts care not about the technical details of *how* you copy, but the
> fact that you copy.  You cannot copy qmail *at all* if you are making a
> modified binary with it.  This means you cannot copy qmail and then do
> with it what you want to.

> And you cannot go out of your way to help someone else do it, if you
> know they would be violating the copyright (that's called contributory
> infringement).


Why should I believe you instead of Dan?  Do you have a counter to the
cite of Galoob v. Nintendo?

Please note that I'm not arguing that Debian should act on the basis of
Dan's legal interpretation.  Doing so is not conservative, and I
understand that Debian has a conservative approach in this regard, and I
think the reasons for that conservative approach are valid.  But you're
making flat statements as if they were known fact, and the available
information does not seem to support that.  If what you meant to say was
that it's unclear whether this is allowed or not and Debian shouldn't take
a chance, I would probably agree.

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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