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Re: Hardware license


On Thursday 05 December 2002 14:16, Henning Makholm wrote:
> and the law explicitly permits redistribution
> of a particular copy once it has been sold or given to someone
> with the permission of the author.

Same thing applies to the German Authors Rights Law.

Sloppy translation:
| §17 [...] 2. If the original or copies of the work have been
| [...legally...] distributed [...by selling...], it is allowed
| to redistribute them, except for renting them.

Isn't this exception called "First Sale Doctrine" in the US?

(However, I guess, if someone first distributes his own copies 
under the terms of the GPL, and then exploits the loop hole 
above in order to distribute someone else's copies of the same 
piece of software without the source code, he'll lose his rights 
under the GPL to further distribute his own copies...)


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