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Re: License DSFG-free?

On [02/12/02 21:14], Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 09:25:43AM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > according to my ITP on debian-devel and in the BTS, I'm going to package
> > tinycdb. First the current license for this package:

> > |This package is written by Michael Tokarev, based on ideas and API
> > |found in cdb-0.75 package by D.J.Bernstein, http://cr.yp.to/cdb.html.
> > |
> > |You can do whatever you like with this package.  The code is placed
> > |at the public domain.
> > |
> > |This package is distributed in a hope it will be useful, but
> > |WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

> > Now Michael, the upstream author, and I would like to ensure that this
> > license is DSFG-free and doesn't introduce any problems for Debian.
> > Therefor if anyone notices some problem, please inform me. It shouldn't
> > be a big problem to make minor changes or admentments if necessary.

> Although technically not a license, I believe the above statement is
> sufficient to place the code in question in the public domain.  This
> means that there is no longer a copyright on the software at all
> (copyright has been waived), and therefore no license is necessary.  
> Public-domain software is DFSG-free.

Oh, so what would need to be changed to make this text a license itself?
The upstream author wouldn't mind changing the current license text if
someone finds more appropriate words or discoveres
mistakes/problems/etc. His main concern is that the code should be
public domain and it's license shouldn't be more restrictive compared
to the 'license' (or lack of it) for DJB's cdb. So if you or someone
else has suggestion for change, please tell me and I'll get in touch
with the upstream author to change the license.

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