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Re: Hardware license

> Rich Walker <rw@shadow.org.uk> writes:
> > We've been putting together some robot-related software and hardware. We
> > want to release this with a DFSG-compliant license set. For the
> > software, GPL, no problems. For the hardware we propose to include .pcb
> > files for pcb, .sch files for gschem, and .asm files for the PIC
> > firmware. What licenses are appropriate for hardware releases?
> If it's got source code of some sort, then it would seem to me that
> the GPL is just fine.  Alternatively, you could just use a BSD-style
> license.

Umm; the .sch and .pcb files are not really source code; they are more
like .pdf files. Also, I'm using a GPL rather than BSD license for the
traditional philosophical reasons: this is an addition to the commons,
rather than a gift to the public domain.

cheers, Rich.

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