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Re: Linux kernel complete licence check, Q.15

> >  *
> >  *      Portions Copyright (c) 1995 Caldera, Inc.
> >  *      Neither Greg Page nor Caldera, Inc. admit liability nor provide
> >  *      warranty for any of this software. This material is provided
> >  *      "AS-IS" and at no charge.
> >  */
> I can only speak on the subject of US law, but it appears to me that the
> statement "All the material in this file is subject to the Gnu license
> version 2." would govern because the reference to Caldera's code doesn't
> make any claim to assert a license, it's merely a statement of
> ownership.

I've spoken with Alan Cox (I cannot find a working email address of Greg Page).
He saind that the code was added later, thus you interpretation is right
and the code is thus fully GPL.


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