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Linux kernel complete licence check, Q.14

In linux/net/ipv4/netfilter/ipchains_core.c:

/* Minor modifications to fit on compatibility framework:

* This code is heavily based on the code on the old ip_fw.c code; see below for * copyrights and attributions of the old code. This code is basically GPL.
 * 15-Aug-1997: Major changes to allow graphs for firewall rules.
 *              Paul Russell <Paul.Russell@rustcorp.com.au> and
 *              Michael Neuling <Michael.Neuling@rustcorp.com.au>
* 23-Jul-1999: Fixed small fragment security exposure opened on 15-May-1998.
 *              John McDonald <jm@dataprotect.com>
 *              Thomas Lopatic <tl@dataprotect.com>

 * The origina Linux port was done Alan Cox, with changes/fixes from
 * Pauline Middlelink, Jos Vos, Thomas Quinot, Wouter Gadeyne, Juan
 * Jose Ciarlante, Bernd Eckenfels, Keith Owens and others.
 * Copyright from the original FreeBSD version follows:
 * Copyright (c) 1993 Daniel Boulet
 * Copyright (c) 1994 Ugen J.S.Antsilevich
 * Redistribution and use in source forms, with and without modification,
 * are permitted provided that this entire comment appears intact.
 * Redistribution in binary form may occur without any restrictions.
 * Obviously, it would be nice if you gave credit where credit is due
 * but requiring it would be too onerous.
* This software is provided ``AS IS'' without any warranties of any kind. */

I think there is no problems.
The "This code is basically GPL" means that some of the new code is
GPL but the original is licensed with a BSD licence (the revised one),


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