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Following up - please reply to confirm! [debian-legal@lists.debian.org/1831]

  * This is the LAST confirmation we will send, please REPLY to confirm! *

We received a subscription request for Recommend-It lists several
days ago.  We sent a confirmation email to you immediately afterwards,
but have not received a reply to that message.

If you wish to receive the requested free email from us, simply REPLY to
this message and we'll activate your account immediately!

Your subscription codes are  E: debian-legal@lists.debian.org  T: 1831

If you did not submit a subscription request several days ago, it is
possible that someone is trying to subscribe you without your permission.
In that case, you do not need to reply, and this will be the last note
you'll get from us.

Thanks for your participation and we hope to serve you soon!

Just reply to validate your subscription request!


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