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Re: [Ilisp-devel] Re: Bug#169243: ilisp: Is it even distributable?

[My apologies for the broad CC; I don't know who is subscribed to which
lists, but I'm subscribed to debian-legal, so if you reply to
debian-legal, I'll see it.]

On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 10:39:56AM -0700, Larry Hunter wrote:
> I'm one ILISP developer who has no problem with GPL'ing ILISP. 
> I think the usual strategy of sending an email to all listed
> contributors at their last known address saying that "we plan to do
> this unless we here that you object by <some date>," and then making
> the change (assuming no complaints) should work fine.

This shouldn't be a problem.  A good-faith effort should be sufficient;
you can then proceed with a good-faith assumption that the change is not

It will only ever be a problem if someone ignored you or missed the mail
and later decided they didn't like the idea, and then they have to let
you know they're displeased before hauling you into court.

It's sort of like how, contrary to depictions in some movies, you can't
avoid a civil summons just by pretending you're not who you are,
ignoring the envelope on your doorstep, etc.

ObIANAL: Needless to say, I could be totally wrong about this.  :)

Good luck with the relicensing, guys!

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