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Re: the Lisp Lesser General Public License

Branden Robinson wrote:
> I'm going to raise this license on the debian-legal mailing list just to
> get some second opinions on it and otherwise get the -legal list
> familiar with it, because I don't recall having seen it mentioned there
> before.  (Or maybe I just missed it.)
> I am not sure the FSF would agree with Franz Incorporated's
> interpretation of how the LGPL would apply to a Lisp module, but on the
> other hand the document at the URL does seem to cover that possibility
> by claiming to supersede the LGPL in any case where the meanings
> conflict.
> The LLGPL doesn't look like a problem from a DFSG standpoint to me.  Its
> real effect appears to be a liberalization of the copyleft in the LGPL
> ("Since Lisp only offers one choice, which is to link the Library into
> an executable at build time, we declare that, for the purpose applying
> the LGPL to the Library, an executable that results from linking a "work
> that uses the Library" with the Library is considered a "work that uses
> the Library" and is therefore NOT covered by the LGPL.")
> debian-legal, what do you guys think?

Very good, Branden. I'm also eager to hear what debian-legal thinks
about the mk-defsystem3 license. The upstream author said he'd be
willing to make the license DFSG compliant, but he wasn't exactly sure
what was incompatible about that license.

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