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Re: Bug#168589: ITP: xfuse - a ZX Spectrum and TC2048 emulator

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>:

> Hm, it seems that we're actually a surprisingly large part of the way to
> being DFSG-free here. There are two stumbling blocks:
>   * There's no explicit permission to distribute as part of things that
>     aren't emulators. This is more serious than it looks:

>   * The charging thing. Upon further examination of DFSG 1, I observe

You forgot to mention:

    * The lack of source.

> Assuming my understanding is correct, what would be the best strategy
> for approaching Amstrad to make the minimal change in order to have
> Spectrum ROMs in main?

I don't see any evidence that Amstrad want the ROMs to be free. The
best approach is probably to ask them whether they might make the
source code available. If they say "definitely not" then you don't
need to waste any time discussing the other points.


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