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Re: Pine's legal notices; free Pine alternatives?

[MFT: debian-devel, since this is a proposal for a new packaging

On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 02:41:10PM +0100, Andrea Borgia wrote:

> Does anyone know of some free software that walks like Pine, talks like Pine
> and looks like Pine but in fact is not Pine? (something like nano instead of
> pico, mutt-fans please hands off the keyboard)

sorry, no. :)

You're aware that mutt's keybindings and default behavior are heavily
configurable?  At one time, there was a pine-like muttrc file that
someone was distributing.  Changing the system defaults in the mutt
package is obviously off-limits, but if someone cares about this issue,
it shouldn't be too much trouble to distribute a 'pine' script that
calls "mutt -F /etc/Mutt-pinerc".  I used the "pine" muttrc years ago
when I first took up mutt, and while it was definitely rough around the
edges, it was also familiar enough that I felt it was worth trying --
especially for mutt's vastly superior PGP, threading, and
multiple-identities support.

With a bit of work from Debian, I think mutt could provide a much better
pine than it did back then.  It should even be possible to handle such
things as one-time automatic importing of address books.  Of course, if
someone believes there's another mailer that would make a better
framework for building a pine workalike, feel free to suggest it.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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