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Re: DFSG vs Pine's legal notices: where exactly is the gotcha?

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Santiago Vila wrote:

SV>GNU mana, but it's a dead project (UW was going to sue the FSF for it).

Small wonder they were going to sue: they might not object to people
shipping prebuilt pine binaries (but then again, as somebody pointed out,
they might as well), but they're not going to like people incorporating
their software (with *that* license!) into a GPLed project. What is the
equivalent of the proverbial rocket scientist in legal world? Well, here
clearly you don't need one ;-)

SV>For your amusement:

I'll have a look, if else for fun. Thanks.
Ok, I'm off to write UW... must remember asbestos underwear ;-)


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