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Re: kernel driver module with proprietary closed source piece.

Hello, ...

So to sume up the information you gave me :

  o modules distributed as separate source as separate source are not
    considered to be part of the kernel, and can be any kind of licence.

  o if the free part of the driver is to go into the kernel it need to
    be GPLed, but even so, if will not work if there is not at least a
    free replacement for the proprietary part. Moving the proprietary
    part into userspace wont help here.

  o as far as debian distribution of a module source package is
    concerned, it can go only in non-free. The licence should be BSD,
    because the GPL does not allow to link with proprietary code, or
    maybe it should be GPL + exception for the proprietary code.

  o anyway, i need a permission to distribute the proprietary part, or
    the driver is not going into even non-free.

Are these conclusions right ? 

But i think i read from your responses that you were not all that sure
of it. So should i search confirmation of the above ?


Sven Luther

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