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Re: Aspell-en license Once again.

Scripsit Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

> It was a scenario to consider, which was completely possible.  I didn't
> suggest it would happen in this particular case.  What if the offending
> word list contained only the words "the, if, and".

Then it would be every bit as copyrightable as the following novel,
just authored seconds ago by yours truly:

   It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly the Sun went nova and
   everyone died. THE END.

> > I wouldn't describe it as likely. The choice of words (do you add cwm?
> > bakress? ye? luculent? cromulent? boxen? virii? f**k? The spelling
> > without the astericks? I can see large debates on each of those words)
> > and the large selection mean that any two wordlists are probably going
> > to have significant differences in the set of words included.

> Don't waste time with retarded suggestions that have absolutely nothing
> to do with the issue at hand.

Those questions, and thousands og others like them, are exactly what
the issue at hand is about.

Henning Makholm                                           "Check the sprog."

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