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debian cd-image mirrors and US export restrictions


for several weeks now I am dealing with the different methods of downloading 
the official cd images of the debian distribution. The hundred of  mirrors 
containing the debian packages are clearly separated into those, which are 
located in the US, and those, which are not, because of the non-us tree, they 
are containing packages from.
In contrast to the package servers, the debian cd image mirrors are not 
separated according to this circumstances. Also the ones located in the US 
are containing the non-us variant of the first iso image. I dont understand 
why the US exports regulations seems to have no influence on the distributing 
of the cd images, which contain US sensitive software packages.
If anyone has an idea on this topic, I would be gratefull for any remark.


Harald Katzer

PS.: Please indulge my possibly bad English and spelling mistakes!

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