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Re: New EULA of UnrealIRCd

Scripsit Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>

>     Branden> Requiring a click-through license acceptance ceremony is,
>     Branden> in and of itself, incompatible with the GNU GPL.  This is
>     Branden> because it makes requirements of the user that the GNU
>     Branden> GPL itself does not.

> Only if the license that is clicked through requires something that
> the GNU GPL does not require.

But that would be the case if the click-through license included
something like "you must only distribute this to people after they
have clicked-through this license" - which they usually do, to the
extent that they allow redistribution at all.

> 2) Require you to accept ad ditional terms not contained in the GPL.

However, if those additional terms restrict MY right to distribute to
others under whatever conditions I can dream up, YOU lose YOUR right
to distribute to ME in the first place, per GPL#6.

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