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Re: New EULA of UnrealIRCd

On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 07:05:17PM +0100, Mika Fischer wrote:
> After confering with the head developer it turned out that the main use of the 
> EULA was to be on the safe side especialy regarding the contained 
> cryptographic code.
> In order to continue with the download and installation of UnrealIRCd you must 
> accept the following license agreement:
> The UnrealIRCd Team reserves the right to modify this agreement at anytime as 
> long as notice is given on the unrealircd.com main page at least 24 hours 
> before changes take effect.
> =======================================================================
> The question is: Does this EULA pose any problem for Debian distributing 
> UnrealIRCd (which is GPLed)?

Hell yes.

This is certainly DFSG-nonfree and probably GPL-incompatible.  The
effective license on the software can be changed spontaneously from
under the user's feet, which violates DFSG 7.

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