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Re: ldp-es_20002103-7_i386.changes REJECTED

(Note: I'm sending this to debian-legal in case somebody wants to jump into 
this discussion and shed some light)

(Some background: ldp-es-200002103-7 which fixes RC bugs, was not 
accepted in the archive due to the license of the original work, not
of the translations, which is the only documentation provided by this

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 12:29:46PM -0400, James Troup wrote:
> Hi,
>  | Copyright of the original work:
>  | The Linux Programmer's Guide is (c)1994, 1995 by Sven Goldt 
>  |   Sven Goldt, Sachsendamm 47b, 10829 Berlin, Germany <goldt@math.tu-berlin.de>
>  |   Chapter vdm is (c)1994, 1995 by Sven van der Meer <vdmeer@cs.tu-berlin.de>
>  |   Chapter scott is (c)1995 Scott Burkett <scottb@IntNet.net>.
>  |   Chapter mdw is (c) 1994, 1995 Matt Welsh <mdw@cs.cornell.edu>
>  |   Special thanks goes to John D. Harper <jharper@uiuc.edu>
>  |   for proofreading this guide.
>  | 
>  |   Permission to reproduce this document in whole or in part is
>  |   subject to the following conditions: 
>  |     -The copyright notice remains intact and is included.
>  |     -If you make money with it the authors want a share.
>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  |     -The authors are not responsible for any harm that might arise
>  |            by the use of it.
>  Err, what's this doing in main? It can't go in main or contrib with
>  that license...

	I'm adding the following note to the debian/copyright and will
resubmit this package. Please consider its inclusion now):


Note that translations do not share the same copyright as the original works.
LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS" (overview available at
http://www.law.cornell.edu/treaties/berne/overview.html) grants translations
the same value as original works and thus, can hold their own copyright (article 2).
The original author (article 8: Right of translation) has the right to decide
who translates (and even if the document can be translated). This does not
determine, however, the copyright the translated documents might have.

In this case (this package) some documents might hold different licenses that
*do not* apply to this package. Only the GPL does.




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