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Re: Fwd: GNU VCG

>>>>> "James" == James Michael DuPont <mdupont777@yahoo.com> writes:

James> In the long term, There is no reason to use files to transfer
James> this information between programs, we should make a
James> visualization module and gui for gcc.

Well, in the short term, I do plan to have Bison produce more graphs.
For instance, Bison could, in addition to YYDEBUG, support some form
of YYVCG_PARSE_TREE which outputs the parse tree.  I don't plan to
have Bison parser equipped with means to call vcg!!!

James> My plan is to load the GCC and VCG directly as modules into the
James> introspector and extract whatever data is needed when it is
James> needed.

James> In my opinion there is no real reason to create intermediate
James> files at all with AST information, 

AST != parse tree.

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