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Re: Fwd: GNU VCG

--- Akim Demaille <akim@epita.fr> wrote:
> Left in full, because I know someone who had tried to maintain VCG.
> He contacted the author, so maybe he will have important advice to
> deliver.
Do you mean marc-alexandre autret?
I have also written to marc a. as well. I hope he will respond.
He had done most of the original contacts, and Georg Sander got many
nasty calls from AbsInt (authors of AISee and his old boss and
professor) about that mail.

> | > Did RMS  say something about this issue (the format that GNU
programs should output)?
> | 
> | He said that we should not output files, but produce results for
> users. Dont dump the programs memory into xml, but provide a service
that is usefull. Every file allows anyone to use it. The more you
> the less free software will be produced.
> Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean.  My question is: does
> ask for VCG output instead of dot output.

I did not talk to him about that. The issue that I discussed is the
issue of file output in general.  

In the long term, There is no reason to use files to transfer this
information between programs, we should make a visualization module and
gui for gcc.

My plan is to load the GCC and VCG directly as modules into the
introspector and extract whatever data is needed when it is needed.

In my opinion there is no real reason to create intermediate files at
all with AST information, it is a security risk, we have the source
code, we have the modules, just link it together. We can transfer the
information between programs as needed.

The only issue gets down to when we need a database or a large store or
indexing. That of course will need a dbm file or a database, my
experiments with postgres and mysql should help out. 

Again, that will allow for non-free software to use the database
theoretically. But Mysql also states that you cannot link to the client
or server by any commercial application. If we use mysql, then they
will have to deal with mysql if they try and use the software

Postgres is something different, but as a protection, making an
incompatible client and relicencing it under GPL should provide some

</me ducks from the bullets that will be soon be fired>


James Michael DuPont

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