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OpenSSL, SUN and ECC (patent issue)


maybe some of you have been following the development of OpenSSL and
looked at the ECC code from SUN, "donated" to the OpenSSL project.
After that was done, many files in the OpenSSL project were spilled
with the new wording on licensing which SUN demanded for their
submitted code. The code itself may be nice, but the licensing is
very dubious at best (fork imminent 8-(((   ).

Please take a moment to review the situation.

The result of the SUN licensing is, to quote a message on
misc@openbsd.org, to

" From that FAQ:
  Sun grants to OpenSSL users the right to make
  use of the contributed patented technology
  in the context of OpenSSL.

Please note that SUN does *not* grant a license to use that
code outside of the scope of OpenSSL (making that "Open" a bit

The SUN code went in somewhere after 0.9.6g afair, please
check the CVS.



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