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Re: License issue in libconcurrent-java


On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 22:16, Doug Lea wrote:
> I'll see if I can get the Sun legal folks to make some kind of
> clarification. Any suggestions about what in particular I should ask for?

I think the minimal change would be to just ask for changing the word
"non-transferable" to "transferable" and maybe remove the explicit
mention of your name so that the permission notice reads:

    Sun hereby grants a non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable license
    to use and distribute the Java Software technologies as a part of a
    larger work in source and binary forms, with or without
    modification, provided that the following conditions are met: [...]

I believe those conditions are not a problem. But I will ask the
official GNU maintainers if they see any other problems.



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