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Re: Bug#158529: vcg does not have a usable license

Nick Phillips <nwp@nz.lemon-computing.com> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 06:19:19PM -0700, Walter Landry wrote:
> > > Should this be done in the debian diff, or a new orig.tar.gz?
> > 
> > You would have to make a new orig.tar.gz.  Debian is not allowed to
> > distribute the "original" sources at all, since they aren't in the
> > preferred form for modification.
> While there is no other form available to us, the uglified sources
> *are* the preferred form for modification.

No, no, no.  The preferred form is the preferred form for the author,
for *anyone*.  It's what I would want to have, it's the real, actual,
genuine source.  

The preferred form is found by considering the *actual* forms which
exist--and seeing which one of them is *actually* preferred.  The
uglified C code is *not* actually preferred, by anyone, to the
pre-uglified source.  

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