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Re: New Sun's documentation license

> > > As U.S. law becomes increasingly hostile to free software development,
> > > we may need to revisit that interpretation.
> > 
> > Maybe, but the choice of law stuff is only there for settling certain
> > kinds of dispute.
> Strange how the licenses that use choice-of-law provisions never bother
> to actually constrain the scope of the clause thus.

Is there any need? If I sign a contract that states that it is to be
governed by Egyptian law, say, that doesn't mean that you can
prosecute me for breaking Egyptian law. I suppose, if the contract
involves some activity which is illegal in Egypt, then an Egyptian
court might refuse to enforce it, declaring it null and void. Is that
the sort of thing you're worrying about? Conceivably, a GPL program
could become in effect BSD/X11 this way.


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