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Can someone please help look over this

Hi all,

This licence has got me a bit confused.  Can someone please help to see if I 
can add this to a GPL program (aspell) without affecting its DFSG status. I'm 
aware languages are distributed in seperate packages and I _could_ put it in 
non-free, but I'd really rather not.

The point I'm hesitant about is the non-commercial since the GPL permits you 
to charge for copies.

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Subject: Re: From Te Ngutu Kura Site - Developers Request For Source  Code
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:09:24 +1200
From: Karaitiana Taiuru <karaitiana@dream-it.co.nz>
To: lakeland@acm.org

Amendments to the agreement.  Clauses 3.c, 3.d, 3.e are not relevant for
this agreement. Does this suit the product ?. If not i will amend further.

Karaitiana Taiuru


Right to freely use Mäori Spell Checker word lists


Karaitiana Taiuru and this sites sponsor "Maori Education Trust" have made
it possible to distribute the Maori Spell Checker and other Maori proofing
tools for free.

Karaitiana Taiuru and the Maori Education Trust have also made it possible
to have the word lists given away for free to enable to other developers to
create other Maori Language Spell Checkers, on the condition that the
product or products created using the word lists are freely given back to
Karaitiana Taiuru to add to the spell checker web site.


1. Maori Language Word Lists = The list of Maori words primarily to create
Mäori Language Spell Checkers.

2. "the code" = any code that is derived from www.MaoriSpellChecker.net.nz
and it's associated web domain names.

3. non commercial = No money will be exchanged

2. Copyright.

Karaitiana Taiuru has full copyright of the word lists, Maori Spell
Checkers and other software on the www.MaoriSpellChecker.net.nz web site.

2.1 You agree that by accepting the Maori Language Word lists and "the
code" from Karaitiana Taiuru that in return you will offer back to him a
copy of any completed software with a copyright on that piece you have
given back.

2.1.1 The copyright will only be applicable to the software to be
distributed on the site.

2.1.2 The copyright will in no way give Karaitiana Taiuru any legal rights
what so ever to any other copies of the software.

2.1.3 The giving of copyright will be non commercial.

2.2 All software distributed pursuant to this clause shall be distributed
as non commercial products.

3. Right of use

Before using the software or "the code" you agree that Pursuant to clause
2.1 you will:

a) provide Karaitiana Taiuru with a copy of the created software inside an
installation program.

b) If it is a spell checker, the one you are giving Karaitiana Taiuru
copyright of will be called "Mäori Spell Checker".

c) A copy of the "Mäori Spell Checker" logo will be conspicuously shown.

d) A copy of the Sponsors logo will be conspicuously shown.

e) If any folders will be created that they will be called "Mäori Spell

4. Acknowledgement of use

By using the Mäori Language Word Lists in any software you agree to provide
the acknowledgment stated in clause 4.1.

If you use "the code" in any software you will provide the acknowledgment
stated in clause 4.2.

This acknowledgment shall be placed conspicuously in all "Copyright
statements", "Help" and or "About" files.

4.1 Mäori Language Word Lists ©Karaitiana Taiuru www.MaoriSpellChecker.net.nz

4.2 Mäori Language code sourced from www.MaoriSpellChecker.net.nz .

5. Commercial products

The Mäori Language Word Lists or any other software from
www.MaoriSpellChecker.net.nz may not be used in any commercial products
unless by separate negotiation by Karaitiana Taiuru and one member of the
Mäori Education Trust who form the advisory board for the Mäori Spell

Heoi ano,
Karaitiana Taiuru


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