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Re: TeX Licenses & teTeX (Was: Re: forwarded message from Jeff Licquia)

> Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 08:08:52 -0600 (MDT)
> From: "Joe Moore" <joemoore@iegrec.org>

> Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> > 
> > But can I modify the behavior of any part of LaTeX, including what
> > happens when I load article.sty?
> Yes.  But in order to do so, you either have to:
> 1) request such a change in your document (\documentclass{myarticle}, or
> \renewcommand\documentclass or something like that)
> or
> 2) Modify latex.ltx so that it looks for myarticle.sty when a document asks
> for article.sty (but since latex.ltx is covered by the LPPL, you would have
> to change the name of it, invoking it by a different name such as notLaTeX)
> or
> 3) Place your modified article.sty in a different location, where "pristine"
> LaTeX will not pick it up and behave silently different.

What about the fourth option: put the changes in the article.cfg file,
which is automatically loaded after article.sty and can override this?
This roughly equivalent to texsys.cfg file patching plain.tex or
tex.ch file patching tex.web.

Good luck


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