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Re: Bug#154974: ITP: pt -- GTK+ tool for viewing/managing print jobs in CUPS

Andrew Lau <netsnipe@debianplanet.org> wrote:
> As cups-pt (the current Debian package name) is a GTK+ front-end to
> CUPS, can it be classified as a derived work? Does it matter? I have
> no knowledge of the current situation in dealing with OpenSSL
> libraries. I just assumed they could go in main as there are other
> packages such as apache-ssl that are in main.

What exactly is the interaction between CUPS-PT and CUPS?  Does
CUPS-PT actually link in parts of CUPS, or does it just call CUPS with
arguments determined by the GUI?  If it links, the CUPS-PT needs an
OpenSSL exemption.  If it just calls the program, it might not.

Walter Landry

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