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Re: Bug#154974: ITP: pt -- GTK+ tool for viewing/managing print jobs in CUPS

On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 10:58, Andrew Lau wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 12:34:56PM +0200, Grzegorz Prokopski wrote:
> > W li?cie z ?ro, 31-07-2002, godz. 16:40, Andrew Lau pisze: 
> > Has the GPL been given additional OpenSSL exclusion clause or sth?
> > Please clarify
> I've just checked the COPYING file provided with the pt tarball, and
> it's the plain vanilla GPL2 license, without an OpenSSL Toolkit
> License Exception like that as found within the CUPS license:
> ===
> /usr/share/doc/cupsys/copyright
> License Exceptions
> In addition, as the copyright holder of CUPS, Easy Software Products
> grants the following special exceptions:
>    1. Apple Operating System Development License Exception;
> 	...
>    2. OpenSSL Toolkit License Exception;
> 	a. Easy Software Products explicitly allows the compilation
> 	and distribution of the CUPS software with the OpenSSL
> 	Toolkit.
> No developer is required to provide these exceptions in a derived work.
> ===
> As cups-pt (the current Debian package name) is a GTK+ front-end to
> CUPS, can it be classified as a derived work? Does it matter? I have
> no knowledge of the current situation in dealing with OpenSSL
> libraries. I just assumed they could go in main as there are other
> packages such as apache-ssl that are in main.

Probably no more or less than, say, any program on your system is a
derived work of glibc.  (I'm assuming here that cups-pt links against
libcups to do its magic.)  Note also that clause about not being
required to carry the exceptions forward; that likely means that linking
to libcups is fine as long as libcups doesn't use either of the two

I would strongly recommend, however, that someone get a license
exemption from upstream cups-pt for OpenSSL.  I'm planning at some point
to turn on SSL support in the cupsys packages.  I've already tried once,
but ran into similar problems with gs-esp (which I may be able to work

I'm also seriously considering trying out the OpenSSL compatibility in
recent gnutls.  The problems with license compatibility in libcupsys are
enough to drive me batty.

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