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Re: Obnoxious ad-clause strikes again.

Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> writes (when he's not
postmodernly making delirium-frogsies):
> > But program X, licensed under GPL-with-exception can link to both
> > jakarta and to GPL-ed stuff. Can it link to both at the same time? No?
> It cannot link to both at the same time, as this would violate the
> license of the other GPL code.

I was afraid of that.

> > > If their code can't be built against the free Java class
> > > implementations, then it's definitely not possible for anyone to provide
> > > binaries referencing other GPL code.  However, this is probably
> > > secondary to the use of the GPL-incompatible Jakarta code.
> > > Of course, they can allow others to do anything they want to allow with
> > > /their/ software (including things not normally permitted under the GPL
> > > if they grant a license exception).
> > > ISTR that someone was working on a BSD-licensed reimplementation of
> > > libreadline, btw.
> > Yes, libeditline. But readline was only one of the examples. We'd
> > really like this company to become a free software company, and one of
> > the many selling points is that they would get access to a huge
> > codebase of copylefted code.
> Only if their code can be made to not depend on GPL-incompatible code.
> This is one reason why the GPL has not been a big seller in the Java
> community. :)

Any other suggested solutions?

Thanks for all your help, anyway. I'm sure this will be resolved.

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