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Re: Concluding the LPPL debate, try 2

Lars Hellström writes:
 > There's no technical need to modify the kernel to do 2 or 3. You can load
 > the format, redefine the "register" call, and then \input the document you
 > want to typeset from the ** prompt. A \ProvidingTeXFormat command for doing
 > 2 would be fairly simple.
 > I wonder however whether the use of \NeedsTeXFormat for registration could
 > have any ill effects for a switch to LaTeX3 format (whenever that might
 > happen)?

a register string \NeedTeXFormat or whatever, doesn't have any ill effects
neither for nonLaTeX format nor for a major release change, eg to LaTeX3
(which is technically identical to a nonLaTeX). Bascially what you do is to
excerise your freedom to interpret that string as you see fit.

For example, LaTeX3 could accept "latex3" and "latex2e" (invoking some
compatibility action when it sees it). Same is true for any other
LaTeX-variant up to the point that you interpret it as a comment.


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