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Re: [hpoj-devel] Bug#147430: hpoj: Linking against OpenSSL licensing modification (GPL)

    > Certain source files in this program permit linking with the OpenSSL
    > library (http://www.openssl.org), which otherwise wouldn't be allowed
    > under the GPL.  For purposes of identifying OpenSSL, most source files
    > giving this permission limit it to versions of OpenSSL having a license
    > identical to that listed in this file (LICENSE.OpenSSL).  It is not
    > necessary for the copyright years to match between this file and the
    > OpenSSL version in question.  However, note that since this file is an
    > extension of the license statements of these source files, this file
    > may not be modified except with permission from all copyright holders
    > of source files in this program which reference this file.

    Does that sound OK?

I don't feel competent to have an answer--you need a lawyer for this
sort of question.  I can point out possible loopholes but only a
lawyer can judge whether you have really closed one.

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