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Re: [hpoj-devel] Bug#147430: hpoj: Linking against OpenSSL licensing modification (GPL)

I wrote:
> 1. Add a statement to the top of the file LICENSE.OpenSSL saying that
> since it was effectively an extension to the license statements in the
> individual source files in the hpoj package, only the copyright holder(s)
> of those source files (namely HP) may update the LICENSE.OpenSSL file.

Let me clarify that a bit.  I think this can be made to work by modifying
the top of http://hpoj.sourceforge.net/hpoj-cvs/LICENSE.OpenSSL
to say the following (without the leading angle brackets):

> Certain source files in this program permit linking with the OpenSSL
> library (http://www.openssl.org), which otherwise wouldn't be allowed
> under the GPL.  For purposes of identifying OpenSSL, most source files
> giving this permission limit it to versions of OpenSSL having a license
> identical to that listed in this file (LICENSE.OpenSSL).  It is not
> necessary for the copyright years to match between this file and the
> OpenSSL version in question.  However, note that since this file is an
> extension of the license statements of these source files, this file
> may not be modified except with permission from all copyright holders
> of source files in this program which reference this file.

Does that sound OK?

Simon Law wrote:
>         On debian-legal, we ask if it is possible to use a GPL
> compatible library, such as GNU TLS, but in both cases the authors
> prefered to use OpenSSL as it fit their needs better.  
Actually, the only reason OpenSSL needs to be linked with portions of
the hpoj code is to satisfy a dependency on libcrypto by some versions
of libsnmp.  hpoj directly calls into libsnmp, but not directly into
libcrypto.  It would be fine with me if libsnmp could be modified to
use something other than libcrypto, preferably without hpoj's needing
to know anything about it.


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