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Re: Concluding the LPPL debate, try 2

Scripsit Boris Veytsman <borisv@lk.net>
> > From: Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net>

> Why? If a file is outside the LaTeX search path, there is no reason to
> keep it frozen. Actually the current LPPL explicitly gives you the
> right to change a licensed file without renaming it, if you place it
> outside of the LaTeX search path. It does not recommend it, but is
> allowed nevertheless.

Hm. Must have missed that. If true, it renders most of my recent
messages to the thread utter nonsense. In that case there can be no
doubt at all that it is a free license.

Erm .. the *current* LPPL you say, being LPPL version 1.2? I cannot
find any language in there that allows naming outside of the LaTeX
search path. There seems to be no exceptions to condition (3) about
not distributing modified files with original names.

Could you please give a more precise reference, preferrably a quote,
of the language you think allows this?

Henning Makholm                        "Ligger Öresund stadig i Middelfart?"

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