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Re: [hpoj-devel] Bug#147430: hpoj: Linking against OpenSSL licensing modification (GPL)

I have checked into CVS the license changes which explicitly allow
linking with OpenSSL.  If anybody would like to inspect these changes,
here are some sample files:


One potential problem I found was that lib/sane/saneopts.h, which I
copied from sane-backends for purposes of compiling the hpoj SANE
backend, has a pure GPL license.  It consists largely of string
#defines, and I don't know if it violates the GPL to link OpenSSL
with code which includes it.  Most of sane-backends contains a very
permissive exception permitting all sorts of otherwise-GPL-forbidden
linking, so I don't think the SANE folks would have a problem with
this, but I'm surprised they didn't apply it to this file as well.
If this matters to anybody, then please work with its copyright
holders to have the exception added to this file, and then I'll
pull down a new copy for a future hpoj version.

Let me know ASAP if there are any problems I need to fix before
releasing hpoj-0.90.  If nothing comes up then I plan to start the
release process approximately 12-24 hours from now.

Thanks for everybody's patience and cooperation in this matter.


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