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Encoding the name in the file contents (was Re: Towards a new LPPL draft)

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 21:17, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
> The question here is how to guarantee that a changed overcite.sty
> (without renaming) will not be used with pristine LaTeX, right? If so,
> LPPL in case of modification without renaming could, for example,
> require to change an argument of \NeedsTeXFormat macro, i.e. to
> replace
>   \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}
> in overcite.sty by something like
>   \NeedsTeXFormat{sniffenlatex}
> (or to add such a macro if it was not there).
> After that, pristine LaTeX will not process this file.
> And in sniffenlatex one should redefine \NeedsTeXFormat (say,
> following an example in future cfgguide) so that it will accept
> `LaTeX2e' and `sniffenlatex' as an argument. Then sniffenlatex will be
> able to process both files intended for pristine LaTeX and files
> intended solely for sniffenlatex.

This is an intriguing idea.  It appears to satisfy the need for LaTeX to
ensure that a hacked file doesn't get run with pristine LaTeX while not
running afoul of the DFSG.

It would be good if unmodified files were not required to define the
macro; thus, anyone modifying a file would define the macro as the first
modification (and not as "LaTeX", of course).

What does everyone think?

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