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PDFlib license clarification request


I'm ITP'ing PDFlib which has an "Aladdin Free Public License".  The
full text is available from 


which in short and non-legal terms comes down to

 - you may develop free software with PDFlib, provided you make all of your
   own source code publicly available
 - you may develop software for your own use with PDFlib as long as you don't
   sell it
 - you may redistribute PDFlib non-commercially
 - you may redistribute PDFlib on digital media for a fee if the complete
   contents of the media are freely redistributable.

I'm not so sure about the last two items.  They smell like non-free to me.

I also intend to package the Perl module PDFlib (Debian poackage will be
called 'libpdflib-perl') which has the same license as Perl itself.  This
one has to go in contrib if PDFlib goes in non-free.

The module Apache::AxKit::Language::AxPoint of the AxKit package and Perl
module XML::Handler::AxPoint are dependent on that Perl module.  Am I right
in thinking these latter two also have to go in contrib then?

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://people.debian.org/~ardo
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