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Re: Towards a new LPPL draft

23-Jul-02 18:46 Frank Mittelbach wrote:
 >> The license already allows sub-works within LaTeX to have additional
 >> modification requirements beyond the LPPL.  If you thought that some of
 >> the sub-authors would disagree with relaxing the file naming requirement
 >> when changing the name of the work from "LaTeX", you could allow them to
 >> add that restriction to their file(s).

> What i was pointing out in my second reply to Brian is this: suppose you
> would only want to modify the work overcite.sty which consists of single file,
> or the work geometry which consists of geometry.sty + .dtx + a number of test
> files and manual then to be able to modify that without renaming you would
> need to build a "nonLaTeX" format with its own tree and place it in that
> tree. Now that "nonLaTeX" format wouldn't work at all unless you also copy
> a good proportion of the standard latex tree (couple of 1000 files if you
> include the fonts etc) into the new tree as well.

It looks a little bit strange to me. When somebody needs a new format,
say, pdflatex, he doesn't need to copy any files that he doesn't
change. He simply config paths so that pdflatex first searchs files in
his own, private subtree (say, texmf/pdftex/latex/) and then searchs
latex's subtree (texmf/tex/latex/). And standart latex doesn't see
pdflatex's subtree at all. (This is an ideal situation, in reality
it's more compicated but that is another story.)

> That is certainly
> possible but i think it is far more painful than
> providing a nonLaTeX format with filename remapping and put

>  overcite.fst and geometry.fst into the main tree

> thereby having LaTeX use the main tree (ignoring those two new files)
> and nonLaTeX using the main tree and loading overcite.fst when overcite.sty
> would by loaded by LaTeX and the same for geometry.


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