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Re: LaTeX & DFSG

* Boris Veytsman <borisv@lk.net> [020718 20:07]:
> Let me tell yuo this way. I am FOR the freedom of speech. However, I
> am against the freedom of my grocer to call a 950g weight "a
> kilogram". 

And I am for the right to call a 1000g a kilogram, whatever somebody
else say it is.

Though there may be restrictions. If some authorative entity defines
an kilogram as 1010g, is may be valid to be fobidden to use kilogram
as 1000g in advertisements or to confuse people. But I still want the 
right to use the word kilogram as 1000g for my own thing and with 
friends and others that think like me.

> Thanks, but no thanks. I do not want you to have this freedom. I do
> not want you to send me these "maybe altered" weights. I do not want
> you to be able to send them to anybody. I abhor the thought that my
> business associates, colleagues or anybody else might use your weights
> UNKNOWINGLY. You have the right to distribute any weights as long as
> you call them deb-kilograms or Pickwickian kilograms -- but please do
> not meddle with the standard weights.

I think noone will find restrictions non-free, that depend prominent
notifications and messages when distributing changed things. (Or
restrictions about advertising this as LaTeX and so on, though this
would be abuse of copyright, as there are other laws for trademarks)

An restriction for a binary-name may within acceptable restrictions,
though it might cause most people to have to unmodified program called
an other way (like apache->httpd) just to ensure that needed changes
can be made easily.

Perhaps the requirement for single files might be the same, as
I know of no way to forbid something simular to a 
´mv article.cls xyz123.gaga ; echo "\input xyz123.gaga" > article.cls´,
but this is an other point.

As said in my other mail, noone hopes it might be necessary to make
changes in my eyes. But how can we make an exception for LaTeX and
still reasonable reject those we do not trust that much? 

  Bernhard R. Link

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