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Re: Motivations; proposed alternative license

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 11:52:57PM -0400, Boris Veytsman wrote:
> Then you should stop distribute TeX, texinfo and GNU info.

TeX is currently under discussion, so I will await the outcome of this
discussion to opine on it.  (In Debian, LaTeX is provided as part of
the TeTeX distribution, so any license problems with LaTeX will have a
transitive effect on TeTeX for us.)

According to its Debian copyright file, texinfo is licensed under the
GNU GPL.  The same is true of GNU info.  (In Debian, both texinfo and
info are part of the same source distribution.)

The GNU GPL explicitly grants permission to make modifications and
create derived works, and complies with the Debian Free Software

> As well as King James Version of Bible, I am afraid...

Where I live, the King James version of the Bible is not under
copyright, but in the public domain.  Is this not the case in your
jurisdiction?  If you don't understand what consequences public domain
status has on people's liberty to modify the work, I'd be happy to
explain it to you, though of course the best resource for such
information is probably an intellectual property attorney who is
licensed to practice law where you live.

> "Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence,
> it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines."
> -- Bertrand Russell

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