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Re: Motivations; proposed alternative license (was Re: LaTeX PublicProject License, Version 1.3 (DRAFT))

Will Newton writes:
 > No amount of license changes will prevent site administrators making their 
 > own changes to their LaTeX installation, and I would hope major
 > distributors 

if so then why bother to license anything at all?

 > would have enough respect for their users and the LaTeX community not to make 
 > such a gratuitous change in any case. 

the problem is that prior to LPPL (which is now in use for a number of years)
many people were not even aware that they do something "wrong" to the community
and their local users. now most of them are (at least within the LaTeX

 > No, I do not believe this is a good 
 > argument for making a package unfree.

it would certainly a bad reason to make a package unfree. my claim is that it


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