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Re: Motivations; proposed alternative license (was Re: LaTeX PublicProject License, Version 1.3 (DRAFT))

On Monday 15 Jul 2002 8:42 pm, Frank Mittelbach wrote:

> Instead it is the wish to give preserve for LaTeX users one of the most
> fundamental features of TeX and LaTeX: the reliability that a document
> produces identical results at different sites thus allowing LaTeX to be
> used as an exchange media in collaborations, when preparing camera ready
> copy, etc.

No amount of license changes will prevent site administrators making their 
own changes to their LaTeX installation, and I would hope major distributors 
would have enough respect for their users and the LaTeX community not to make 
such a gratuitous change in any case. No, I do not believe this is a good 
argument for making a package unfree.

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