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Re: anyone up for a project?

To me it looks like most of this stuff is not a GPL-violation, because
the firmware, although it is bundled with the kernel source, is not
linked with it: the relationship between kernel and firmware is more
like the relationship between editor and text being edited.

However, the stuff is definitely not DFSG-free (no source available,
no modification permitted, ...), so Linus's kernel source should be
moved into non-free and replaced in main by a slightly stripped down

It would be best if the stripping down could be done in collaboration
with kernel developers. Perhaps it would be possible to persuade Linus
to include in the source a list of the files that contain non-free
material and try to arrange things so that the build doesn't fail if
those files are deleted, or something like that. You could have a
top-level makefile target so that you type "make free" to kill those
files ...

Is there a precedent for Debian distributing a modified version of the
upstream source in order to keep the source in main? (Perhaps it was
necessary to do it with some crypto code at some point. Mutt used to
have two versions, but the separation was done upstream.)


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