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RE: anyone up for a project?

On 26-Jun-2002 Bdale Garbee wrote:
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> As you will note at http://lwn.net/Articles/3467/, during my presentation to
> the Linux kernel developer's summit in Ottawa yesterday morning on behalf of
> HP, I "switched hats" and on behalf of Debian raised the issues identified in
> several open bugs in our BTS regarding real and apparent GPL issues with
> files
> in the kernel source tree.  See 150058 for an example.

The complaints Manoj raises are mostly missing sources for firmware.  While I
accept the legal and ideological issues at hand, does it really make sense to
require firmware source?

On the other hand pieces like the first one "We would prefer you not to
distribute modified versions of it and not to ask
for assembly or other microcode source." are definately warning flags.  As
Manoj indicates their request is just that but it walks a fine line.

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