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anyone up for a project?

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As you will note at http://lwn.net/Articles/3467/, during my presentation to
the Linux kernel developer's summit in Ottawa yesterday morning on behalf of
HP, I "switched hats" and on behalf of Debian raised the issues identified in 
several open bugs in our BTS regarding real and apparent GPL issues with files
in the kernel source tree.  See 150058 for an example.

The concensus during my talk was that this was an issue where it would be best
if some individual or group could prepare a position statement about what files
currently in the kernel source tree are problematic, why, what to do with them,
and what the "rules" should be for inclusion of things like binary firmware in
drivers in the future.

Alan Cox suggested that the debian-legal community might be the best place for
a proposal to originate that the kernel development community could review,
particularly since this issue is being raised by Debian and we've got open bugs
of priority serious against kernel image packages because of this.

This seems to me like a really neat opportunity for us to once again apply some
of our energy to helping resolve a real issue in the community that's much 
larger than just Debian...

Anyone interested?  :-)

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