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Re: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#147430: hpoj: Linking against OpenSSL licensing modification (GPL)

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 11:24:55PM +1000, Mark Purcell wrote:
>I doubt a new tarball would be required.  In fact an email from you to either 
>hpoj-devel and/or 147430@bugs.debian.org is probably sufficient as if you 
>make your intent clear in public forum, then your intent is clear and Debian 
>will act accordingly.

As a debian & hpoj user, I'd also like to see something in the LICENSE
file that comes with the source code, so that it's clear that whatever
the wording is that enables debian to link hpoj with OpenSSL and then
redistribute hpoj, that this exception is not exclusively provided for
debian, but for anyone who downloads hpoj.

It is my understanding that this is part of the Debian Free Software
Guidelines (DFSG).  So if the exception is given exclusively to debian,
it won't meet debian's requirements.  But IANAL and I don't play one on
TV, so someone please step in who knows better.

- Mark

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