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Re: Licesing question regarding a new package named isdn2h323

Marco Budde <budde@telos.de> wrote:
> Branden Robinson schrieb:
> >         6. Each time you redistribute
> We do not *redistribute* isdn2h323 but we *distribute* it. This
> paragraph is only interesting for programs like isdngw, which are
> modified versions of isdn2h323.

Debian redistributes it.  We're not saying that you are doing anything
illegal.  We're saying that Debian hasn't gotten permission from you
to redistribute isdn2h323.  That is because you've given Debian a
license that it can't comply with.

Specifically, the additional notices are additional restrictions that
you've added to the license.  However, the GPL says that you can't add
any more restrictions.  So you're not offering the code under the GPL.

If you just said that the code is offered under the GPL, then there
would be no problem.  If you said that it was under the GPL, but
without clause 6 and with the additional notices, then it might not be
a problem.  But you've put Debian into a bind because it can't obey
clause 6 and the additional notices at the same time.

Walter Landry

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