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Re: forbidding later version of GPL for xsoldier

>I took over the upstream of xsoldier (I am not the original author,
>so I don't have the copyright).  It was under GPL version 2
>or later.  Can I put it under GPL exactly version 2, that is,
>forbid any later version?  GPL says:
>Is forbidding later versions of GPL "further restrictions"?

I don't think so; that clause is part of the GPL v2, not the GPLv2 or

But why would you want to do this? There will be future incompatibilty
with GPLv3 code and there's no reason to believe that the FSF will not
make a GPLv3 that's substantially the same as v2. Also, to me, relicensing
free code without the author's agreement is rude.

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