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Re: sunset clauses

>>>>> "Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

    Branden> On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 05:23:15PM -0400, Sam Hartman
    Branden> wrote:
    >> I'm not sure I agree.  I certainly think software legal to
    >> distribute only because of a sunset clause cannot go in main.
    >> As I argued in my previous message, I believe it violates the
    >> implicit assumption that you will have the right to continue
    >> distributing the software in DFSG 1.

    Branden> Er, as an even more succinct reply I think I got it right
    Branden> the first time:

    Branden> "It's DFSG free if the software is still DFSG free after
    Branden> the sun sets."

As I said in private mail to you earlier, completely agreed.

It sounded like you were saying that a sunset clause would be
appropriate to make Nessus which is currently not legal to distribute
at all appropriate for Debian.

I don't think that is reasonable exactly because it might not be
distributable after the sun sets.

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