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Linking Nessus with OpenSSL

Hi Renaund et al.,

	First off, I want to thank everyone for a great job with Nessus
1.2.0.  It's much better compared to Nessus 1.0.10, which I was running
before.  You guys are fantastic.

	As I was compiling Nessus 1.2.0, I noticed something of concern.
It seems like Nessus, a piece of GPL'ed software, links with the OpenSSL
libraries, a piece of BSD software that includes the advertising clause.
Unfortunately, we all know that those two licenses don't play well

	Now, I'm sure that this is completely accidental.  However, I
propose that you can remedy the situation by performing a slight
modification to the current license by which you are distributing
nessus-core, libnasl, and nessus-plugins.  You may put in a special
exemption to the GPL allowing Nessus to be linked to OpenSSL and
distributed freely.  As well, to keep Nessus free, you should also put
in a clause allowing anyone else to remove this exemption in their
derivative works.

	Please see http://www.cups.org/new-license.html for an example
of how GPL'ed software can be linked with the OpenSSL toolkit.

	Thanks for your time.


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