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Re: Redistribution of JSSE in a java package

>>>>> "Rene" == Rene Mayrhofer <rene.mayrhofer@gibraltar.at> writes:

    Rene> Hi all, For a Java client that is to be uploaded soon
    Rene> (fireflier, announced in the last week on debian-devel), the
    Rene> Sun JSSE libraries are needed. According to the license that
    Rene> comes with JSSE (attached to this mail), redistribution
    Rene> seems to be allowed. I intend to distribute the JSSE jar
    Rene> library with the client. The package will have to go into
    Rene> non-free because of this library (but not into non-US, if I
    Rene> understand the new crypto policy correctly).  Now, is it
    Rene> allowed to to this ? If not, how could I possibly solve this
    Rene> situation ?

That would be crypto in main, *not* crypto-in-non-free.  The new US
crypto regulations are much more friendly to open-source software than
to closed-source software.

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